Thursday, 19 February 2009

You can Fly.

I hear you in a whisper
On the reckless mountaintop,
I hear you in the echo
Of the Eagles as they drop.

I find you in reflections
Where your shadow's only seen
By the indistinct ripples
Of a still and tranquil screen.

I find you out here,
Outside, in the light.
I refuse to see your past
On a cold and lonely night.

Refuse to see you
Reduced simply to stone.
The body is yours,
But your life is unknown.

You live out here,
In the echoes; the wonder;
The trees that you climbed
As you tried to reach thunder.

You live out here,
Where you danced on the shore.
Where you gazed at the sky;
And wished those wings were yours.
And you wished you'd never die,
But now, my darling,
You can fly.

A reflection,
An Eagle,
An echo,
I leave you.



  1. heart melting poem..while reading this i felt some reality..

  2. That reminds me a lot of the world, its twisted but yet their is always beauty!

  3. I love your poem, thanks for following my blog. I had to change the URL though to

  4. this is very well written!!! lovely!!!