Tuesday, 10 February 2009


This red of passion, of fury, of vengeance
Curls its fingertips around the resting landscape
Ravishing it in life as it meets its death
As people, they try to make their escape.
I watch from a land so closely involved,
Frustratingly miles across the sea.
I wish my thoughts could somehow help;
Right now the world seems a cruel place to me.
We fear and we run from the unknown
And just as we think it is tamed,
We realise that the beauty of nature
Is a danger, a mystery, not yet explained.

I just want to say, whether the crisis in Australia is a natural disaster, or man-made 'mass murder', I hope the situation improves. And I know I can't help, and this won't help, but my thoughts are with all of those who didn't make it; all of those who have fought bravely against the immense power of the flames, and with all of the people who have been affected. I wish you the best.


  1. yeah, if only their was something i could do. Sadly i'm stuck here in the U.S. Well i do pray for an end of the fire and hope for a better tomarrow.

  2. You've precisely covered the incident/disaster and the trauma related. Very well written!!!

  3. You've precisely covered the tragic incident and the trauma involved. Very well written!!!