Monday, 9 February 2009

Excuse me.

So, Mister President,

I saw your words today,
Falling from the mirror of your mistakes.
A mirage of joyous images
Sinking to their knees in your triumph.
You, the embodiment of all that is wrong,
Were standing on top of the world
While we fell to your jealous commands.

So, excuse me
When I tell you I am silently smiling
For your reign of half trodden footsteps is over.

So, excuse me
When I tell you the sun is finally out
And the frost that turned bitter in our souls is lifting.

So I saw your tear today,
As you realised your comfort was no more
Than a splinter found in snow.
As you realised our security in you was only that one day
You would leave.
And so we no longer had to bow beneath your foolish heart.

So, excuse me
When I tell you this era has come just in time.
And to see you leave is to see the dark clouds thinning.

So, excuse me
When I tell you this new era, with this growing hero
Marks the end of a drought, and a flood, and a war, and a conflict.
Marks the end of you.

So, I saw you look down upon his enigmatic smile,
Shaking your head at an enthusiasm you've forged throughout the fog.
But this world, it needs the flash of a summer smile
In the heaviest winter it has ever known.

So, excuse me, Mister Bush,
While I celebrate the end of your naive control,
And don't so much as wave goodbye.

Excuse me,
But my eyes are focused elsewhere; towards the horizon,
Where I see the smile
Of a summer world.

But summer does not come without its trials
And melting snow is the hardest to stay steady on.

So, goodbye, Bush.
And good luck, Obama.


  1. I'm pretty ready for Mr. Bush to make his exit as well. I'm a Republican (sorry bout that) but even I am ready for him to bow out.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. first off thank you for commenting on my blog! im glad you liked some of the stuff i made :]

    i like this, it makes me think. it almost reminds me of that sound by Pink called Dear mr. president. if you havent heard it you should check it out. it makes me feel powerful for some reason :]

  3. very good photo to go with your poem. We are all ready for the new possibilies, but please do not set an impossible - too high a bar for Obama. He cannot fix all the worlds problems and he cannot fix all the Americans' problems. He can only try to lead while WE try to fix our own problems.

  4. I completely agree with not setting the bar too high, afterall it is really us, the people, who have to make the changes. But at least finally the world has a President it can be pround of. But Obama is facing a very hard time to come into power, and I think we all need to appreciate how much it will take even to just try and fix these problems. At least there's been a change. I hope this means there will be more on the way, for all of us.

  5. The worst is yet to come I'm afraid. Pres. Bush made mistakes but he did more good than given credit for.....I pray for our leaders daily. Upbeat note.........thanks for coming by my site!