Monday, 8 March 2010


Fly with your problems,
Cause I got mine...
I guess I don't dress it down.
But you know,
empathy,it's a powerful thing.
People's hearts pump faster with the pain.
Arteries straining under crimson tears.
Hold on tight.
I feel the force behind your fears.

But, girl, I'll love you just the same.
the fun's not in the game.
Life is real
but it's pointless just the same.
Cause I can see it in your eyes sometimes,
that heated thirst before you cry.

You're falling from grace,
and I don't know where to be
when I try to catch you.
Just don't lose your face;
it's a beautiful thing
Yeah, I see the shadows chasing you...
Secrets too far from the horizon
to keep you out of danger.
I can't be your saviour.
But I'll try, girl, I'll try.

And I'll love you just the same.
I am your rock.
Your sanity.
The arms beyond the vanity
that the world won't let go.
And when you take your costume off
after the show
I'll still love you...
Roses aren't dead 'til they fall to the ground.
You're beautiful, yes? Now don't make a sound.

1 comment:

  1. I know how it feels to be in this situation, loving the poems haha im reading every single one ;D x