Tuesday, 9 March 2010

But that's just crazy.

I want to walk around in circles all day;
metaphorical though.
Otherwise I might get bored.

I want to burrow out my mind,
Cause it's not normal.
Full of idiosyncracies, but the kind no one else knows.

I want to dig holes in the ground
and plant lily's that smell like roses.
Lily's are prettier. But roses; I like the smell.

I want to mismatch the world.
I like boys that smell nice and girls that like mud.
I like blankets that don't make you too hot.
I like tea in the sun
and ice cubes placed carefully on tables.
They're so graceful when they melt.

I think perhaps my perfect world
would be the one inside my head.
But sometimes, it goes black and white, with blurry lines, and everything's a statue.
And then what?
I guess I'll be stuck.

I'll have to imagine it's a lily when I shut my eyes and smell the rose. But that's just crazy.

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