Sunday, 10 January 2010

Indigo heartbeats.

For you Joe...

Indigo is falling from the night into your arms,
The scarlet moon is sinking from the irony of charm;
You never claimed to own it, but still you set this world alight.
I'm rippling in a haze, in the fire of the night.

Run along the fields; kick up the powdered snow.
Hold me in the shadows of the ribbons in the show.
And dance with me now, in the obscured grey:
The sun will soon rise and we'll be caught in the rays;
Caught in the dew of those azure days.

So I listen to the storm screaming in the sky,
The slate turns into sunset. It's the beauty of your rhyme.
Indigo is falling, with your lips pressed to mine.
Indigo is falling; our heartbeats in time.

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