Thursday, 15 January 2009

Fire, pain and brief exchanges.

Cry an Ocean in the sand; nobody will ever know,
A monumental scream, never heard, never found;
The rustic depths of history carefully unveiled,
Yet erased without a thought; erased without a sound.

Life teaches love; love teaches pain,
Pain teaches hurt and denial.
Life teaches death to leave us wandering
A sentimental maze forever and final.

Imprint these hands as a symbol of eternity,
Yet refuse to accept this world changes.
A virus we spread, an indefinite scar;
Fire, pain and brief exchanges.

Life teaches significance, which leads to glory,
Glory teaches righteousness falling to arrogance.
Life teaches death; a metaphorical ending;
An insignificance never quite met by acceptance.

We imagine mysteries buried deep between towers,
Looking up to the stars as we deepen our ignorance.
Idealism never opposed imagination,
Yet it opposes everything that this world seems to flourish in.

Striving for mercy in a world of denial
Is as paradoxical as our life and our love.
Selectively learning convenient lessons,
As we aimlessly stare at the azure above.


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